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Here are some answers to questions I've received from people who want to blog about Scientology:

Do I need issue authority for my blog or articles on my blog?
If your blog is a personal blog then you don't need issue authority.  If your blog is for an entity such as a Church or Mission then you should get issue authority in the usual way.
Do I need permission to use copyrighted materials?
This is a complex area that is difficult to cover in a few paragraphs. I will get some accurate data on it and post it here soon.
Do I need permission to use trademarks?
I suggest being very conservative about trademarks.

Don't use trademarks in the URL of your website unless you have permission from the trademark owner.  For example: if you were going to write a blog about Microsoft then you should not use "Microsoft" in the URL.  "www.MyMicrosoft.com" would not be okay and neither would "microsoft.joeswebsite.com". 

Don't use trademarks in the main title of your blog unless you have permission from the trademark owner.  For example: "My Microsoft Blog" would not be okay. 

You can use trademarks in the sub-title.  For example: main title "My Redmond Blog", sub-title "What goes on at Microsoft". 

You can use trademarks in blog article titles and in the body of the article.  For example: article title "Microsoft just released Vista Service Pack 1".

For trademarked symbols I'd suggest that you don't use them unless you have permission.  I don't know what the law is on this, but I'd suggest playing it safe.

For more data you can read this: Can I use a trademark in my blog's name or in the title of a blog post?

Disclaimer: These are my interpretations of the law on trademarks.  I am NOT an attorney.  Therefore if you want accurate and legally sound data on use of trademarks then consult a qualified attorney.
Can I write about my wins in Scientology?
Of course!  If you had wins in your auditing or training then tell the world about them!  Just remember that your blog is in a public place and you need to make sure you don't use terms that people may not understand and you need to write your article so it will be real to the people reading it.  You should apply HCOPL 18 Oct 79R, Viewpoint.