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Getting Started With Blogging

  1. Watch the "Blogs in Plain English" video.
  2. Decide what you want to blog about. Choose something that is interesting to you and that you could write about regularly. If you want some inspiration go to the Scientology Blogosphere and take a look at what others are blogging about.
  3. If you are Internet literate then you can get started by choosing a place to blog. WordPress and Blogger are two good places.  Blogger is the easiest of the two.
  4. There are also help videos from Blogger. The one below walks you through how to set up a blog on Blogger.
  5. The "Help With Blogging" page has some other help links for WordPress Help and Blogger Help.
  6. There are some rules about naming the address and the title for your blog. Please read the FAQ page for more data on naming of your blog and its location.
  7. Once you have set up your blog send me the address
  8. Now get busy - start writing articles.  If you have questions on issue authority and copyrights then check out the FAQ page.
  9. You may also want to join the Facebook group "10,000 Scientologist Bloggers United".  That way you can be part of a community of bloggers, keep up on the latest news and get help and tips from your friends.
  10. If you need a little more instruction then check out the website How To Blog.
  11. Have Fun!!
  12. Here is a video I just found for learning to use WordPress.  It's a bit long, but worth it.