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Scientology is constantly in the news these days and people are wanting to know more about it.  So I thought I'd help out by creating this website.

It is different from the usual websites, such as the great new Scientology Video Channel, because this site attempts to let you learn what Scientology is from the horse's mouth.  Yes, you can find out what Scientologists themselves are saying about life, the universe and everything!  And all from the comfort of your own browser!

I have gathered together a list of blogs authored by Scientologists.  These blogs cover the usual range of subjects that you'd find in many blogospheres - personal journals, techie blogs, blogs specifically about the religion, book reviews, music reviews, etc., etc.  So, check out the feed, read the articles and get to know some Scientologists. 

I hope this will give you a new and positive reality on Scientology and Scientologists.